Launching a registry of peer review experiments

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of ReimagineReview, a registry of platforms and experiments innovating around peer review.

We now have the technology to experiment with peer review and research evaluation in ways that were not possible decades ago. Many such experiments are already underway—both within the traditional journal system and outside of it—that aim to increase the speed, quality, transparency, incentives, or fairness of peer review. They may employ different modalities of evaluation such as free-form commenting, badges, or quantitative scores, interaction between authors and reviewers, public commenting, or review of code or small parts of a manuscript. They can be operated by new or established groups, individuals, publishers, or professional societies. Unfortunately, these experiments are often not as visible as they could be.

Participants at our meeting on peer review, held in early 2018, expressed a need for greater attention to these efforts. With funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and partnership with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Wellcome Trust, we’ve developed ReimagineReview to:

  • Raise awareness of new possibilities among researchers and funders;
  • Grow a community of practitioners who can share support, inspiration, and resources;
  • Encourage rigor and transparency in reporting the results of trials and experiments so that we  can learn as much from them as possible—and as fast as possible

On the site, visitors can browse listings by disciplinary field, feature of review, and problems addressed.

We encourage leaders of all applicable projects — active, completed, and those in the process of development — to create project listings. We hope that this registry will form the basis of further forward-thinking efforts to connect and convene innovators in peer review.

Update: Nature covered ReimagineReview in a news story on 2019-03-04 and endorsed it in an editorial on 2019-03-05


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