Journal policies on preprint commenting & media coverage

While many journals have embraced preprints in recent years, some preprint policies can restrict what researchers do with their manuscripts. For example, some journals have policies prohibiting media coverage of preprints (as this would interfere with their media embargo system) or advise authors that community commentary of preprints may be taken into account in editorial decisions.

To view these policies, visit TRANSPOSE preprint data at

Click on the eye icon, which shows and hides various columns, and make sure that the two pointed out below (media coverage and community review) are selected. You can hide other columns to make the data easier to read.

By pressing the small triangle in the column header, you can sort the table by the contents of that column, for example bringing the journals with applicable policies to the top.

Are you aware of other journal policies surrounding media coverage and community review of preprints? Leave us a comment below!


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