About ReimagineReview

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About ReimagineReview

ReimagineReview is a registry of platforms and experiments reimagining peer review. It is a project of ASAPbio funded by CZI and developed in partnership with Wellcome and HHMI.

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The problem

Peer review is deeply embedded into the scientific process, and it serves multiple purposes: giving and receiving feedback, error detection and correction, and filtering and curation. Yet, it’s a relatively new system, and there’s little evidence that it functions optimally.

Today, we have the technology to experiment with peer review and research evaluation in ways that were not possible decades ago. Many such experiments are already underway, both within the traditional journal system and outside of it. Such experiments may aim to increase the speed, quality, transparency, incentives, or fairness of peer review. They may employ different modalities of evaluation (eg free-form commenting, badges, or quantitative scores), new patterns of communication (eg interaction between authors and reviewers, public commenting, or review of code or small parts of a manuscript), and be operated by new or established groups, individuals, publishers, or professional societies.

Enter ReimagineReview

ReimagineReview is a registry of peer review experiments intended to 1) increase the visibility and participation in these efforts among communities of researchers, funders, and editors, and 2) to grow a community of practice to enable innovators to learn from one another. We hope that this community may adopt some common metrics for measuring and reporting the outcomes of their experiments in the interest of improving scientific evaluation overall. In the future, we expect that the use of experimental mechanisms will become common practice among researchers, and that successful ones can be integrated into more traditional review pipelines.

The online directory will serve as a hub for these activities. Project leaders can create and update profiles describing their project, and viewers can comment on them. We’ll also begin holding community calls to discuss best practices and common challenges.

Join us

We invite all leaders of projects that involve an innovative peer review or scholarly evaluation process to add profiles to the registry project. Anyone interested in following these efforts and getting notifications about future public blog posts, events, and announcements can sign up for our mailing list:



We thank Katja Brose (CZI), Boyana Konforti and Bodo Stern (HHMI), Robert Kiley (Wellcome), Micah Altman (MIT libraries), Philip Cohen (University of Maryland, College Park), Sowmya Swaminathan (Nature Research), and ASAPbio staff and Board of Directors for feedback on this project.

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Contact us

For comments and questions about the project or website, please contact Jessica Polka, Executive Director of ASAPbio, directly at jessica.polka@asapbio.org.