ReimagineReview: First month at a glance

ReimagineReview launched one month ago, and it’s been amazing to watch it continue to grow since its inception! This project started from the idea of transforming a spreadsheet of experiments and projects in peer review of scholarly outputs into a practical resource. Our launch was announced in an article in Nature News, and has since then been featured in Nature Editorials.

The content

Currently we have 34 public project listings and 3 in progress. These diverse peer review projects at differing stages include journal-conducted trials, independent platforms, and tools. A wide range of disciplines, review features, and areas of innovation are also included, all of which can be searched and filtered in our explore listings page.

The community

Since we have gathered this collective of project leads, we aim to grow a community and convene discussions around our common goals. Toward this end, our  we’re now planning to survey project leads to identify common near-future goals and immediate challenges in this community.

We’ll use the survey results to help us design focused and time-limited community calls to bring together a community of practice around peer review innovations. Topics will be driven by the needs emerging from project leads, but we imagine they could include:

  • intellectual property and ownership
  • anonymity
  • comment indexing
  • outcome reporting

Next steps

ReimagineReview will continue to seek out new innovations in peer review and enrich the registry. Please let us know about any projects, in the past, present and in proposal. We are also looking to highlight events, workshops, and news regarding peer review.

We truly appreciate the constructive feedback from project leads and experts in the field about the site itself since the launch. Some suggestions have already implemented for better structure and clarification. Many comments we received are important issues that we are currently considering and plan to explore further through discussion with the larger community.

One such area is the inclusion of a new Project Type currently under development: Observational Studies. This type is intended for projects that describe the current state of peer review without active intervention, or for meta analysis of other trials. We look forward to incorporating insights from meta-researchers into the larger knowledge base.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your tips (on projects, news, and events) and ideas for how ReimagineReview can facilitate and disseminate discussions about peer review innovation!

Victoria Yan, ReimagineReview Coordinator

Header photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash


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