In a nutshell

SciPost ( is a top-quality next-generation Genuine Open Access publication portal managed by professional scientists. Its principles, ideals and implementation can be found at and

SciPost operates on an entirely not-for-profit basis, and charges neither subscription fees nor article processing charges; instead, its activities are financed through a cost-slashing consortial model. Details of the sponsorship scheme and how to join can be found at or by emailing

Goals and intentions

SciPost was born out of the recognition that the currently available publishing infrastructure does not properly serve the interests of science, and that these are best served by scientists themselves.

The initiative aims to reform all aspects related to scientific publishing. In particular, SciPost's mission is  to:

  • Implement Genuine Open Access
  • Clean up the business model of scientific publishing
  • Reform refereeing methods and habits
  • Reform impact assessment methods and habits.


What is reviewed
  • Review of data or code


  • Manuscript hosting


Review features
  • Notes

    Our peer-witnessed refereeing procedure is described in detail on our author guidelines page.



  • Eligible reviewers/editors

    Editors are Fellows of our Editorial Colleges. Reviewers are invited among the community. Professional scientists are further able to volunteer reports and comments.

  • Tags or badges


  • Cost


  • Explanation of cost

    We operate using a consortial sponsorship model.

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