In a nutshell

SciBase is a website hosting crowdsourced reviews of chemistry and life science manuscripts. The site indexes published work that has a digital object identifier (DOI) and then allows users to leave reviews of the manuscript. The reviews can be left anonymously or publicly, and SciBase curates all content to ensure it meets the standard of academic discourse.

Reviews are aggregated into 1-5 stars at a manuscript level, and within subcategories (e.g. clarity, reproducibility). Reviews themselves can also be rated by other users on a 1-5 star scale.

Goals and intentions

The goal of SciBase is to breath life in to the post-publication discourse by providing a platform for scientists to record their thoughts about and attempts at reproducing studies. The SciBase team believes that the future of scientific discourse will not happen entirely in published manuscripts, and the move to social media discussion of preprint and publications is the beginning of a larger movement toward post-publication peer review.

SciBase aims to provide a platform to organize these scientific discussions to they are accessible to all scientists, and believes that only through honest public discussion can post-publication review become part of the scientific process. We also hope that authors will engage with reviews on SciBase to provide context and clarification to their published work.

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    Reviewers can opt to be anonymous or to post with their real identity. There are links out to the original DOI locations on all manuscripts.

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    Any visitor is eligible to make an account and leave a review, but the SciBase team asks about education level and screens reviews for quality.
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