In a nutshell

We are about empowering everyday scientists by giving them a platform to amplify their view of what makes new science great and what findings need to be evaluated more carefully.

Goals and intentions

Mainstream adoption of a critical attitude toward published science

Beautiful, impactful, featureful medium for expression

Reffit's goal is to absorb the low-key, informal and honest tone of
journal club criticism onto a platform where the discussion can be
shared and distilled. The comments are free-form, but the site allows
commenters to specify whether their comment was positive or negative,
and whether it referred to a paper's reproducibility, novelty or
coolness, and that metadata is used to get a numerical summary of
those feelings.

What is reviewed
  • Review of data or code


  • Manuscript hosting


Review features
  • Eligible reviewers/editors

    Completely open. A reputation system for reviews being planned.

  • Tags or badges


  • Criteria for inclusion

    Any user can initiate a discussion about any paper. Inclusion doesn't mean much, but frontpage sorting suggests broad engagement.

  • Cost


  • Number of scholarly outputs commented on


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