In a nutshell

Qeios provides an Open Science platform that welcomes preprints, scholarly definitions and open peer reviews from any discipline. The Qeios platform has been developed to allow researchers to create, post and share better research rapidly while facilitating the most valuable discussion around it.

Goals and intentions

To create a new environment for science: more open, transparent, collaborative, fast, affordable, and, overall, trustable. To obtain this, the peer review process, while keeping its vital role, needs to be reimagined.

At Qeios, we believe that the future of peer review must be open. This is why we’ve adopted an Open Peer Review model — simply the best way to improve science. It’s transparent, it ensures accountability, and it’s fast. Researchers can create and post their open peer reviews on Qeios instantly, with no delays. Furthermore, they retain the copyright, get DOIs, and keep track of any mentions thanks to Altmetric.

There are no barriers to the discussion. Regardless of the discipline, any scholar can add value to research outputs using Qeios’ strong peer review facilities. And this is not limited to what’s on Qeios. The target of the review can be any article, or other research output, shared anywhere — academic journals, other platforms, and repositories.

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