In a nutshell

Publons was founded to address the static state of peer-reviewing practices in scholarly communication, with a view to encourage collaboration and speed up scientific development. The world's researchers now use Publons to keep track of their publications, citation metrics, peer reviews and journal editing work in a single, easy-to-use profile.

Publons also partners with academic publishers to provide peer review solutions designed to bring greater transparency, efficiency, quality, and recognition to their peer review processes.

The Publons Academy is a free peer review training course developed together with expert academics and editors, to teach early career researchers the core competencies of peer-reviewing.

Goals and intentions
  • Publons was first built as a place to help researchers get recognition for their often hidden peer review contributions. To automate this we partner with academic publishers and provide them with a range of peer review solutions to help them give their peer reviewers the recognition they deserve and bring greater transparency, quality, and efficiency to their peer review processes.
  • In today’s highly competitive research environment, researchers are frequently asked to demonstrate their impact in performance reviews, funding and promotion applications. Keeping track of this impact isn't easy and takes up valuable time.
  • In 2018 we brought the power of Web of Science to Publons — making it quick and easy for researchers to track and demonstrate a more complete record of their impact as an author, journal editor, and peer reviewer, in one place.
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