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PREreview is a community and a platform for the collaborative writing of preprint reviews. Our mission is to facilitate a cultural change in academia towards more transparent, effective, and inclusive ways of evaluating and improving science. Our strategy includes crowd-sourcing timely feedback to preprints from community members, such that the feedback can be used by the authors to improve the work, and potentially by journal editors to expedite their peer review process. We encourage the feedback to be constructive and ask members to adhere to our community guidelines. We offer peer review templates and other resources to find preprints and review them collaboratively at journal clubs. We are now working towards a new version of the platform that will help members build review skills, share their contributions safely, and create groups for collaborative reviews.

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    Daniela Saderi, Samantha Hindle, Monica Granados

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Goals and intentions

Lack of comments to preprints; lack of transparency and diversity in peer review; lack of formal peer review training; lack of wide adoption of preprints.

Functions of the project
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    Full report, quick report (short paragraph). For PREreview 2.0 and Rapid PREreview (Outbreak Science) we will expand these to being structured templates. Currently PREreviews receive DOIs and are linked under respective abstracts on

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    Currently anyone with email address who signes up on Authorea. For PREreview 2.0 anyone with Orcid ID. We will allow users to display pseudonyms.

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    Yes, we will more with the new PREreview 2.0 (under development).

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