In a nutshell

Plaudit allows researchers to publicly endorse academic research, and makes this data openly available. This provides a clear, simple and accessible signal about the quality of an academic work, that builds on the knowledge of your academic peers rather than the reputation of the journal it is published in.

Goals and intentions

Plaudit was created to improve the incentive structure in academia, in which researchers feel pressured to publish their work in "top-tier", but often paywalled journals, or journals with a substantial publishing fee. By providing an alternative signal of quality that still relies on the expertise of your academic peers, the hope is that that pressure can be relieved.

What is reviewed
  • Review of data or code


  • Manuscript hosting


Review features
  • Eligible reviewers/editors

    Anyone with an ORCID iD, willing to expose their endorsement to public scrutiny.

  • Cost


Social Networks
  • Number of scholarly outputs commented on


  • Metrics

    All endorsements are made publicly available as open data through CrossRef Event Data

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