In a nutshell

We are on a mission to build a simple, fast, and cost-effective open peer review service for all reserach.

Our vision is that scholarly communication will move towards a publish, review, curate model.

Researchers can post preprints on reputable servers then seek open peer review, organised by PeerRef, afterwards. Scholarly journals, communities and innovative services can focus on the curation and discoverability of research.



Goals and intentions

By offering open journal-independent peer review, we aim to:

- Verify Preprints, providing a low-cost alternative to journal publication
- Acknowledge referees for providing peer review
- Reduce repeated peer review at multiple journals
- Increase trust in referees, rather than journal titles
- Put an end to journal-specific formatting before peer review
- Increase the prevalence of peer reviewed negative results and replication studies
- Provide constructive feedback for for researchers at any stage of research
- Reduce the cost of open research

Project status
Types of outputs
Review process
  • Review requested by
  • Reviewer selected by
    Editor, service, or community
  • Public interaction
  • Author response
  • Decision
    Other scale or rating
Review policy
  • Review coverage
    Complete paper
  • Reviewer identity known to
  • Competing interests
Social Networks
Review features
  • Manuscript hosting
  • Review of code or data
  • Eligible reviewers/editors
    Contacted by the service.
  • Number of scholarly outputs commented on
  • Metrics
    usage and participation is tracked
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