In a nutshell

Our vision is for all researchers to access a single point of peer review. Enabling all research to be trusted and accelerated.

PeerRef is a journal-independent open peer review platform. It organises peer review of preprints and publishes peer review reports. This approach can accelerate research by creating a single point of peer review in the publication process. The platform also aims to expand research. It does this by reducing the barriers to accessing peer review and asks referees to focus on academic rigour, rather than perceived impact.

Referees are responsible for making the decisions on manuscripts. The author has multiple options following peer review:

- Share the refereed manuscript with the community
- Submit the manuscript to a partner journal
- Submit the manuscript and consolidated review reports to a non-partner journal

Goals and intentions

PeerRef offers Journal-independent open peer review of preprints.

  • More diverse research can access peer review.
  • Constructive feedback can replace journal rejection.
  • increase trust by allowing everyone to read the reviews.
  • The publication process will be more efficient by creating a single point of peer review before journal submission.
Project status
Types of outputs
Review process
  • Review requested by
  • Reviewer selected by
    Editor, service, or community
  • Public interaction
  • Author response
  • Decision
    Other scale or rating
Review policy
  • Review coverage
    Complete paper
  • Reviewer identity known to
  • Competing interests
Social Networks
Review features
  • Manuscript hosting
  • Review of code or data
  • Eligible reviewers/editors
    Contacted by the service.
  • Number of scholarly outputs commented on
  • Metrics
    usage and participation is tracked
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