In a nutshell

As part of the European project HIRMEOS, OpenEdition offers an annotation service (with our partner Hypothesis) for SSH open access monographs, on OpenEdition Books. The implementation of this feature was accompanied by a post-publication open peer review experiment which lasted four months, from February to June 2019.

13 books was opened for experiment, in agreement with their authors and publishers ( Every reader could annotate or consult annotations.

We have benefited from moderation rights (with Hypothesis publisher groups feature) and rules of good conduct have been drafted to guide this experiment (

Goals and intentions

The objective is to create a space for scientific conversation around publications. We want to allow readers to share their opinions, their knowledge linked to books subjects, directly at the time of reading. We expect participants to write scientific, constructive and argued annotations in order to:

Offer a critique of the ideas that make up the texts, achieve fact-checking in the books, open new avenues for reflection, add elements enriching the publications, and interact with each other (reply feature).

We also want to offer an innovative service which could be useful to explore the value of opening new peer review processes, allowing users from across the humanities and social sciences, to develop new usages.

Types of outputs
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