In a nutshell

F1000 Research is an innovative and dynamic publisher and technology provider, operating open research publishing platforms for researchers that offer fast publication, invited open peer review (post-publication) and full data deposition and sharing. The peer review takes place after publication. Once the article is published, expert reviewers (who are selected by the author) are invited on the authors’ behalf. The peer review is administered on behalf of the authors by the F1000Research editorial team. The peer review is entirely transparent: the reviewers names and affiliation, their review and the approval status they choose are published alongside the article. Reviews are posted as soon as they are received and the peer review status of the article is updated with every published review. For more detail please click here.

Goals and intentions

One of the key tenets of the open research publishing model is to improve the peer review process. Under this model, the role of the invited reviewers is not to accept or reject an article for publication – their remit is to help authors improve their work. This transparent process should encoruage more constructive reviews and civil dialogue between authors and reviewers, who communicate directly with each other, without an editor arbitrating decisions, or acting as gatekeeper. The peer review process becomes a central part of the article and with it being open it allowers readers to understand the full context of the article and see how other experts viewed the work.

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