In a nutshell is an innovative combination of the two routes of open access: the gold route by hosting journals in full open access and the green route where articles are submitted to these journals by depositing them in an open archive (overlay journals).

The editorial boards of such epijournals (overlay journals) organize peer reviewing and scientific discussion of selected or submitted preprints. Epijournals are “overlay journals” built above selected open archives; they add value to these archives by attaching a scientific caution to the validated papers.

Overlay journals can be either new titles created from scratch, or existing ones wishing to join the platform with a compatible publishing policy.

Goals and intentions

The objectives are to achieve open journals and implement open access to digital versions of articles. The overlay journals could be either new titles or existing ones wishing to join the platform. The platform could host overlay journals of any scientific disciplines.

All data handled and generated by the platform or by its users are under the full control of the academic trustees.

Project status
Types of outputs
Review process
  • Review requested by
  • Reviewer selected by
    Editor, service, or community
  • Public interaction
  • Author response
  • Decision
    Binary decision
Review policy
  • Review coverage
    Complete paper
  • Reviewer identity known to
    Editor or service
  • Competing interests
Social Networks
Review features
  • Manuscript hosting
  • Notes

    The journals may choose to publish the review report and display the reviewer's identities

  • Review of code or data
  • Tags or badges
  • Number of scholarly outputs commented on
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